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We are very excited to meet you,

but in the meantime,

here's a little bit about us.


Larry Hinderks, PhD

Dr. Hinderks' career began at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1970. After seven years of research and development, he left Bell Labs to co-found Corporate Computer System, a successful software development company. After seventeen years at CCS, Dr. Hinderks became the Chief Technology Officer of DG Fast Channel (NASDAQ: DGIT). He is now focusing his efforts on electronic record keeping for the counseling industry.


Sophia Carbajal, BS, AAS
Quality Assurance

Ms. Carbajal received her Bachelor's of Science in Music Business from the University of Colorado in 2007. She worked in retail management for 11 years before returning to school in 2017 to persue a degree in Web Development from Red Rocks Community College. She earned her Associates of Applied Science in Web Development in August of 2018. As Quality Assurance for ReliaTrax, Ms. Carbajal creates web-based form templates for agencies and ensures external users are correctly added to the RTUN Portal for linking to agency websites.


James Hinderks, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Hinderks received his PhD in astrophysics from Stanford University in 2005 where his research involved measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background at the South Pole. After graduating, Dr. Hinderks has continued his research at NASA Goddard as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. Dr. Hinderks is now bringing his years of technical experience to the counseling industry.


Stan VanLandingham, BS
Administrative Coordinator

Mr. VanLandingham received a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Wichita State University.  He worked over 30 years in the financial industry and is now the Administrative Coordinator at ReliaTrax. Duties include tracking compliance with various state agencies, monitoring HIPAA changes and requirements, and issuing new licenses.


Wendy Biesemeier, MS, CAS
Director of Sales and Operations

Ms. Biesemeier received her Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology in 2013 from California Coast University. Ms. Biesemeier has worked in the counseling field including psychotherapy, treatment planning, case management, and victim advocacy.  As the Director of Operations, she consults on agency management and the development of best practices. Ms. Biesemeier provides regular training and focus groups for various offender management & behavioral health organizations.


Ashley Sonju, MS, SUDP, LMHCA

Ms. Sonju received her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an Emphasis in Trauma from Grand Canyon University in 2020. She is a licensed Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) and Mental Health Care Associate (LMHCA) in Washington State and continues to do clinical work at a local sexual assault agency. She has extensive work history in the criminal justice system: with the U.S Attorney’s Office, Mission Creek Correctional Center for Women and as a clinician for the local Behavioral Health Court and Drug Court Programs. Ms. Sonju now serves as a Liaison for behavioral health agencies in the northwest.


Michael Salaz, MS, LPC
Network and Brand Manager

Mr. Salaz received his Masters of Science degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado. Mr. Salaz has several years experience managing digital health records.  As Network and Brand Manager for ReliaTrax, Mr. Salaz facilitates communication and training, manages marketing and outreach, and conducts monthly webinar trainings.


Casey VanLandingham
Cloud System Engineer

Casey VanLandingham has been the lead engineer on cloud system configurations for 7 years specializing in Microsoft Technologies and providing support for Windows infrastructures and virtual servers in the corporate environment. He holds numerous Microsoft Certifications spanning desktops, servers and cloud solutions. Casey has performed system monitoring to provide proactive alerting of potential system issues as well as Cyber Security threats. He has worked closely with Microsoft Azure Cloud Operations to produce resilient, secure, and high-performance enterprise cloud solutions


Sally Chapman, MS, LPC

Advisory Committee

Founder and owner of Cañon City Counseling, Inc. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with training and experience working with offenders and victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and addictions. Ms. Chapman is skilled in the area of group and individual therapy, as well as, relationship issues. She is listed as a Full Operating Level Provider with the Colorado SOMB and is a full operating level Domestic Violence therapist.

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