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Learn the Basics

Add a New Client

Enroll a Client in Treatments and Groups

Check-in Clients for Groups and Individuals

How to Write Notes

Mondays with Mike

QuickNotes Updates

QuickNotes will have some new features to help your day to day operations. Join us as we go through the new features.

Recorded: 7/12/2021

Client Portal: Phase 1

Join us as we discuss the first phase release of the Client Portal which allows client's to make payments and see minimal account information.

Recorded: 6/7/2021

Bringing the Team Together

Join us for a joint webinar with treatment providers and referral sources as we discuss the collaborative care options available to each within ReliaTrax. 

Recorded: 4/5/2021


Join us as we discuss available functions to Supervisors for approving notes, auditing supervisee activity, tracking productivity and more.

Recorded: 1/4/2021

Attendance Options

ReliaTrax offers several options for tracking and entering client individual and group attendance. Join us as we review the new multiple sessions per day and discuss the differences between make-up groups, double groups and extra groups.

Recorded: 10/5/2020

Managing Testing

Manage testing across your agency and multiple offices. Join us for this webinar that will cover where to find UA's, linking test results, creating a testing schedule and more.

Recorded: 7/6/2020

Communicating with Clients

See how client appointment reminders have been expanded to allow for optional telehealth links, messaging all clients at once and finding client contact information.

Recorded: 5/4/2020

Insurance Part 2: EOB Reconciliation

Part 2 of the Insurance webinars walks through creating, balancing and reconciling EOB's from an insurer.


Recorded: 4/13/2020

The Basics

This video is great for new staff or those who are wanting a refresher on adding new clients, check-in, notes, calendar and more.

Recorded: 3/23/2020

What's New with ReliaTrax

This video takes a look at the newest features ReliaTrax has to offer including variable sessions, editable insurance previews, calendar updates and more.

Recorded: 6/27/2019

RTUN Portal Introduction

This video provides an introduction to the ReliaTrax Unified Network Portal. The Portal is used by various referral sources to access agency ReliaTrax site's to make referrals, view client attendance, and more.

Recorded: 2/9/2018

Locking it Down

Join us as we discuss our latest function for limiting who has access to clients, even internal staff.

Recorded: 5/3/2021

Managing Authorizations: Special Webinar

Join us for a Special ReliaTrax Webinar as we discuss New features to manage multiple authorizations, Authorization forms and Authorization limit reports.

Recorded: 4/14/2021

Tracking Clients

Join us as we discuss tracking clients using categories, client contracts and client events (used for tracking hours, medication, safety planning and more).

Recorded: 3/1/2021

Back to Basics

Join us as we discuss the basic functions of ReliaTrax. This webinar is great for new staff members and anyone looking for a refresher.

Recorded: 2/1/2021

Expanded Demographics

We're beefing up the client demographics capabilities in ReliaTrax. Come see how to capture the new expanded information.

Recorded: 12/7/2020

Tricks and Treats

Want to do more with your EHR? Join us for this webinar which takes a look at several tips, tricks and hints for improving efficiency within ReliaTrax.

Recorded: 11/2/2020


Ever wondered what the options are for documentation in ReliaTrax? Are your forms in need of an update? This webinar discusses the available functions that can be used to build comprehensive forms in ReliaTrax.

Recorded: 8/31/2020

Managing Confidentiality

Learn how to maintain confidentiality with new and existing features such as new confidential documents, creating and assigning a user to multiple offices, hiding names in QuickNotes, HIPAA compliant text message and email reminders and more.

Recorded: 8/3/2020

The PO Side of Things

Take a glimpse of ReliaTrax from the prospective of your referral sources. We'll walk through the RTUN Portal, what PO's can view and the functionality available to them.

Recorded: 5/18/2020

Engaging with Referral Sources

Learn how to add PO's to your ReliaTrax system, sending options for documents, and more. Better engage with your referral sources.

Recorded: 5/11/2020


A look at the various assessment options ReliaTrax has to offer including SUD assessments, Domestic Violence assessments (including the DVRNA) and SO assessments

Recorded: 4/27/2020


Part 3 of the billing webinars walks through adding client funding to their profile, charging against it, invoice creation and payment posting.


Recorded: 4/20/2020

Insurance Part 1: Set-Up and Billing

Part 1 of the Insurance webinars walks through setting up a client's insurance, checking in for sessions, common errors and how to fix them and billing.

Recorded: 4/6/2020

Virus Season

In a response to the pandemic this webinar discusses how to track financial loses, excuse clients, send custom messages, and telehealth consent forms. Ease the burden of managing your practice while working from afar.

Recorded: 3/18/2020

Managing Insurance in ReliaTrax

This video provides a look at the insurance process in ReliaTrax, including client set-up, diagnostic codes, billing and reconciliation. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran there's something for everyone.

Recorded: 12/14/2018

Optional Permissions

This video takes a look at the various permission levels and abilities in ReliaTrax. Mix and match permissions to personalize user capabilities as needed.

Webinar: 12/15/2017

Treatment Thread

This video takes a look at the Treatment Thread. A convenient way to create a seamless, continuous flow of information from the start of treatment to the end. Auto-populate treatment plan information onto other documents.

Recorded: 3/31/2020

Treatment Thread

This video takes a look at the Treatment Thread. A convenient way to create a seamless, continuous flow of information from the start of treatment to the end. Auto-populate treatment plan information onto other documents.

Recorded: 12/12/2019

Managing DV Clients in ReliaTrax

This video provides an in-depth look at how to manage your domestic violence clients in ReliaTrax including the DVRNA, a new Evaluation template, Level B Second Contact and more.

Recorded: 4/23/2018

Administrative Functions

This video takes a look at the administrative functions of ReliaTrax including calendar, scheduling, balancing cash drawers, finding uploaded documents and tasks. 

Webinar: 9/29/2017