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Learn the Basics

Add a New Client

Enroll a Client in Treatments and Groups

Check-in Clients for Groups and Individuals

How to Write Notes

Mondays with Mike

Year in Review

Join us as we review new features of ReliaTrax, meetings and updates to the system. We will go over topics previously covered so come to learn some new functions or for a refresher.

Recorded: 10/04/2021

Client Portal: Phase 2

This webinar will preview Phase 2 of the Client Portal which will allow client to edit their demographic information.

Recorded: 9/13/2021


Join us as we discuss the various options for running reports in the system including financial information, activity reports and more.

Recorded: 8/2/2021

QuickNotes Updates

QuickNotes will have some new features to help your day to day operations. Join us as we go through the new features.

Recorded: 7/12/2021

Client Portal: Phase 1

Join us as we discuss the first phase release of the Client Portal which allows client's to make payments and see minimal account information.

Recorded: 6/7/2021

Locking it Down

Join us as we discuss our latest function for limiting who has access to clients, even internal staff.

Recorded: 5/3/2021

Managing Authorizations: Special Webinar

Join us for a Special ReliaTrax Webinar as we discuss New features to manage multiple authorizations, Authorization forms and Authorization limit reports.

Recorded: 4/14/2021

Bringing the Team Together

Join us for a joint webinar with treatment providers and referral sources as we discuss the collaborative care options available to each within ReliaTrax. 

Recorded: 4/5/2021

Tracking Clients

Join us as we discuss tracking clients using categories, client contracts and client events (used for tracking hours, medication, safety planning and more).

Recorded: 3/1/2021

Back to Basics

Join us as we discuss the basic functions of ReliaTrax. This webinar is great for new staff members and anyone looking for a refresher.

Recorded: 2/1/2021


Join us as we discuss available functions to Supervisors for approving notes, auditing supervisee activity, tracking productivity and more.

Recorded: 1/4/2021

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