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Learn the Basics

Add a New Client

Enroll a Client in Treatments and Groups

Check-in Clients for Groups and Individuals

How to Write Notes

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Past Webinars

Administrative Functions

This video takes a look at the administrative functions of ReliaTrax including calendar, scheduling, balancing cash drawers, finding uploaded documents and tasks. 

Webinar: 9/29/2017

Optional Permissions

This video takes a look at the various permission levels and abilities in ReliaTrax. Mix and match permissions to personalize user capabilities as needed.

Webinar: 12/15/2017

RTUN Portal Introduction

This video provides an introduction to the ReliaTrax Unified Network Portal. The Portal is used by various referral sources to access agency ReliaTrax site's to make referrals, view client attendance, and more.

Recorded: 2/9/2018

Managing DV Clients in ReliaTrax

This video provides an in-depth look at how to manage your domestic violence clients in ReliaTrax including the DVRNA, a new Evaluation template, Level B Second Contact and more.

Recorded: 4/23/2018

Managing Insurance in ReliaTrax

This video provides a look at the insurance process in ReliaTrax, including client set-up, diagnostic codes, billing and reconciliation. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran there's something for everyone.

Recorded: 12/14/2018

What's New with ReliaTrax

This video takes a look at the newest features ReliaTrax has to offer including variable sessions, editable insurance previews, calendar updates and more.

Recorded: 6/27/2019

Treatment Thread

This video takes a look at the Treatment Thread. A convenient way to create a seamless, continuous flow of information from the start of treatment to the end. Auto-populate treatment plan information onto other documents.

Recorded: 12/12/2019

Virus Season

In a response to the pandemic this webinar discusses how to track financial loses, excuse clients, send custom messages, and telehealth consent forms. Ease the burden of managing your practice while working from afar.

Recorded: 3/18/2020

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